Car Accident Attorney Fort Lauderdale

Florida has about 15 million drivers who drive on the many interstates, turnpikes, byways, and highways. Given the high number of drivers, it is not surprising that the state records about 250,000 auto accidents each year. Many people who are involved in auto accidents in Florida do not know the steps to take. Below are the steps prescribed by Ken M Frankel, a top car accident lawyer Fort Lauderdale.

Steps to Take After a Car Accident

The first three steps are dictated by law. Florida law requires that the first step you take after an accident is stopping at the scene of the accident and helping whoever might be injured if you are in a positon to do so. This is also the human thing to do. Call 911 or have someone do it for you if you are injured. If you are seriously injured, do not move as this could exacerbate the problem and wait for emergency services instead.

If the accident causes injury or damages in excess of $500, the law requires that you report the accident to Florida Highway Patrol, the local police department, or the sheriff.

Next, you are required to move your vehicle if it is blocking traffic. You should, however, not put yourself in harm’s way if you are unable to move the vehicle. If the extent of the damage or of your injuries does not allow for you to move it yourself, you are required to call for help or to get a tow truck to move it.

Although not required by law, the next step is turning off the engine and using road flared or your hazard lights to warn other vehicles to slow down. This could save your life and that of other motorists.

Exchange insurance and contact information with the other driver. The most important information is the full names and contact information of the drivers, the insurance company and the policy number, the license plate number of the other vehicle, the driver’s license number of the other driver, the type, model, and color of the other vehicle, and the location of the accident.

The next step is documenting the accident. This involves:

  • Taking pictures of both vehicles from different angles to fully capture the damage and the position of the vehicles
  • Getting the name and the badge number of the responding police officers once they arrive
  • Getting a copy of the accident report from the police
  • Taking down the names, addresses, and other relevant information of witnesses, both passengers and bystanders

Next, notify your insurer of the accident. This should be done at the earliest opportunity. Your insurer will advise you on exactly what to do, what to say, and how to act for a successful claim.

Why Choose Ken M Frankel Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Injury Firm?

The comparative negligence system in Florida negligence laws means both parties can be found at fault and be liable to the extent of their portion in the fault. Even if you are partly at fault, Ken will fight to reduce your liability.

Under Florida law, all vehicles must have at least $10,000 PIP (personal injury protection) and at least $10,000 PDL (property damage liability).

It is often necessary to hire a reconstructionist. Ken will assist you with this. He will also help you analyze medical reports and negotiate with the other party’s insurance provider on your behalf.

Ken M Frankel handles all cases from serious car accident injuries like concussions, paralysis and broken bones to minor ones like superficial cuts and scratches. His motivation is to win you as much money as possible, whether in court or in an out of court agreement.

Ken offers free consultative sessions to his clients. Hiring a Fort Lauderdale car accident attorney means you get time to recover from your injuries. Some tasks like talking to potential witnesses, doing investigations should be left to a professional not only because of the insight he/she has, but also because they can be tasking and they can eat into your family and work life. It also saves you from financial ruin associated with lengthy court battles. You will have peace of mind knowing someone who cares and who has been proven to deliver is on your side.