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What To Do After Car Accident and You’re Not at Fault

If you are involved in a car collision, and the other driver is clearly the one at fault, you may have to deal with their insurance company. It is very important that you remain calm and collected. Let’s look at the step by step process to follow when caught up in a car accident that’s…

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Why Do I Need An Attorney Who Handles Truck Accident Mainly 18-WHEELER

18-wheeler accidents can result in severe injuries. If you have been involved in such an accident, and you are considering filing a personal injury suit, it’s important to find the best legal expert. Truck accidents can be complex and confusing for the general attorney. These incidences are governed by different rules and regulations from the…

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Four Reasons to Hire Accident Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale

Perhaps you have ever been involved in an accident where you got injured because of  someone’s negligence. You got stuck chasing after the insurance companies, but these companies were clearly attempting to lowball you with a payout that didn’t even cover the cost of your recovery! Does this sound familiar? This article will focus on…

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Find out what you have to do – and what you should never do – when it comes to dealing with an insurance company after an accident

Insurance companies have gained somewhat of a reputation when it comes to paying out claims and dealing with accidents and incidents. The thought of dealing with an insurance company after an accident is often dreaded by many simply by how time consuming and difficult it can be. It even becomes worse when you have to…

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How a Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Lawyer Ken M Frankel Can help when you’ve Been Injured

Have you been injured in an accident? There is plenty of loss that can occur in a car accident including that of life, property damage, lost of ability do to work, expensive medical bills and so much more. The worst part about it is that victims often face a lot of challenges when they try…

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10 Common Motorcycle Accidents – Don’t Let this Happen to You

You have probably been told or heard a million times that riding motorcycles is very dangerous. The good thing is that most motorcycles are well equipped to prevent such nasty accidents with their grippy tires and strong brakes. The problem is most riders are not well equipped. When riding a motorcycle, unlike vehicles, you have…

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Secrets to Reaching Better Injury Settlements in Car Accident Cases

Car accident cases can be stressful and draining to say the least. That’s why personal injury victims are always advised to seek the help of qualified attorneys. Negotiating your claim with an insurance company without an attorney can be absolutely difficult and lowers your chances of getting a fair settlement. Let’s look at a few…

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Design Defects are a Leading Cause of Car Accidents

Although vehicles today are manufactured using established safety standards some mechanical defects can cause serious injury and death through car accidents. Product liability law is the area of law that allows individuals to hold accountable vehicle designers, manufacturers, retailers and any other stakeholders in the chain of commerce who are eligible for the injuries that…

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Preparing for your Personal Frankel Injury Case

If you’ve recently been injured in an accident of some sort, you may be considering a lawsuit to get compensation for your financial loss. Many individuals hire a personal injury lawyer to help them receive money when the other party refuses to help pay for the cost of medical care and replacement of lost property.…

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Should I Get a Traffic Accident Attorney Fort Lauderdale

Florida has some of the highest statistics for automobile and motorcycle –related accidents. Even though many of us are great drivers, we never know who else is on the road with us. It doesn’t matter if we are just visiting or live here year-round, disaster can strike at any time. Having a traffic accident attorney…

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Steps to Take if you are Involved in an Auto Accident or Motorcycle Accident

You are cruising down the highway on your motorcycle on a sunny and breezy weather that is just perfect for motorcycling and suddenly there’s a loud crash. You’ve just gotten involved in your very first motorcycle accident. Or perhaps you are driving to work in your car and before you know it your car gets…

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Misdiagnosis of Medical Conditions

Misdiagnosis can lead to severe problems. A patient may end up receiving no treatment or the wrong treatment for a serious health problem. It’s an error that can have catastrophic results for victims and their families. Lack of proper treatment can lead to serious complications and even death. In the event that a medical professional…

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Why You Should Hire a Traffic Accident Attorney Pompano Beach

If you were injured, due to the fault of someone else, while driving your vehicle, then you have a number of rights according to the law. You need to ensure that you protect your rights after any accident so that you do not wind up having to pay – both personally and financially – for…

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Three Reasons you Need a Personal Injury Attorney

When you have been injured in any kind of accident, the expenses can take a major toll on your income. Did you know that you may not have to pay that expensive hospital bill? At your injury law firm in Pompano Beach we can help you save money on most expenses incurred following an accident.…

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Let Ken M Frankel and the Frankel Injury Law Firm Be Your Car Accident Attorney in Pompano Beach, FL

Auto accidents happen all of the time. In fact, about 2.35 million American people per year are injured or disabled in car and motorcycle accidents each year! Here’s another scary statistic: road accidents cost Americans over 230 billion dollars per year. If you are reading this right now, chances are you have probably been involved in…

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